Working and Employment opportunities in Hong Kong

Hong Kong with a population of 7 million, is now part of China but operates outside of some of Beijing’s control as a ‘Special Administrative Region’. It was until 1997 a wealthy trading outpost of old colonial England. Its position in Asia as a trading hub with a deep natural harbour allowing large ships to dock allowed great wealth to be generated there and now under China’s possession it continues to do so. It is reckoned to be the world’s fifth most important city after New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

The main 4 industries in Hong Kong are Financial Services, Tourism, Trading and Logistics and Professional Services. That the economy is weighted in such a manner is no surprise given the low taxation and free economic policies that are encouraged here. If you are in Finance or related supporting industries such as Information Technology, Hong Kong is one of the major cities to find the best jobs in the world.
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